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We do not just invest in your wardrobe, we invest in you as well.

DRESS JUNKIES is a styling collective that focuses on trust and service. What sets us apart from other fashion stylists, is that we offer tailored service.

We aim to build longterm relationships with our clients and value quality over quantity. In other words, we do not just invest in your wardrobe, we invest in you as well.


Our aim is to improve your wardrobe, by filling it with powerful pieces of clothing. These clothes serve as the base for your everyday outfit.

We at DRESS JUNKIES believe in awareness. The importance of being aware of what you buy, instead of acting on impulse. The process through which we guide you, is longer and more thorough than would be the case with an average personal shopper.

What We Do

We strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens. Here are some magical services we offer!


Our personal shoppers work efficiently and makes sure your wardrobe will be completed with strong pieces. We help you to find and create your own style.


Our fashion stylists are always ahead of the up and coming trends in fashion. We are involved in fashion trends and fashion forecasting for each new season.


Besides fashion we also have a great eye for interior design. Catwalk fashion and interior trends have great overlap, we would love to improve your complete surroundings.